Why Every Business Still Needs a Website

There had been a recent debate raging on social media and in online marketing circles as to the possible demise of the website. As social media, online chats and forums have all become more mainstream (as well as the new marketplaces) many businesses have felt that a website was simply marketing overkill. However, it is clear that the website is still one of the cornerstones of a digital marketing campaign and thus very much something that must form part of your businesses holistic online marketing process.

The main reasons a website is still critical

Credibility and reputation

The main reason most businesses still need a website is the credibility that the website brings. In today’s world as soon as someone is interested in a product or service or even hears the name of your business, the next logical step is to search online to determine what the business is all about. If you’re not found, your business immediately loses credibility. Thus, even if it is simply to confirm your businesses existence online you should have a website.

As a hub to develop the brand

Brand building is another significant reason that a website is critical for your business. The website is the best place to expose the brand and develop a brand back story. The website is generally the hub for you to link all the other marketing materials and platforms such as social media, online chat and your e-commerce sites.

To interest customers and secure business

Securing customers and clients can be efficiently and effectively done using an interactive integrated website. The longer a client or potential customer spends on your landing pages or website, the higher the chances are that they will buy or at least enquire as to the products and service available. It is thus critical to have quality content that is search engine optimized on your website as a way of generating interest and keep customers there.

The aspect to keep in mind is that unless the website is found, having one will mean nothing. This means that you need to ensure that your website has professional SEO to improve ranking on all the major SERP’s. Yes, you’ll likely be found without great SEO if a customer searches for the business name itself but not if people are generally looking for the services or products, for reviews of these and ideas of how to use them. In this case, unless you have a professional implemented SEO program linked to the website, you may have done all the design and development work on your website for nothing.

A website is still by far the best means of a business securing its space online and, in doing so, improving the chances of survival and success. You must, however, ensure that you have the basics right and have a very clear idea as to how the website can work for your business and why. The quality of the website is paramount if it is to work, but the bottom line is that you must still have a website in today’s business environment.