Know more about Megasorber and their services

Megasorber is 100% Australian-owned that employs a dedicated team to build innovative materials. That gives higher-level sound solutions for their customers. Their services include assisting builders, manufacturers, and consumers to enhance acoustic comfort. Resulting in better living and workspaces.  They strive to introduce new soundproofing solutions and materials to the market.

What are soundproofing materials?

Soundproofing materials are usually installed either to lessen the level of sound leakage to areas and rooms. Or to enhance the sound quality within a room. Soundproofing choices include acoustic insulation and foam sheeting.

At Megasorber they have a broad range of advanced soundproofing products. That being established, tested, and produced in Australia. With globally and locally sourced materials. Their products are made particularly to provide a comfortable and quiet environment. For enough space, they also have experienced acoustic engineers. That will help you to give superior soundproofing solutions. To control reverberation/ echo along with the noise transmission. Other acoustic queries and structure-borne noise.

Various Products of Megasorber:

  • FM sound absorbing panel

This gives a superior acoustic performance that is innately lightweight and fire-resistant. A great sound absorption using patented technology. It direct-fix to concrete soffits to give thermal insulation and fast acoustic. It can easily remove dirt and dust since it can be cleaned quickly.

  • FG acoustic foam panel

Megasorber FG is a durable and tough sound-absorbing foam. Created for demanding engineering applications. This is splash-resistant and also available water-repellent facing. It can be safely and easily handled and installed, and also easy to clean. It is a high-efficiency sound-absorbing material to lessen the noise in different applications. Such as acoustic lining of equipment and plant rooms.

  • P sound absorbing panel

Megasorber P sound absorption panels highlight an exceptional non-combustible sound-absorbing sound mesh. And acoustic polyester wool is water repellent with long service life. That will not deteriorate once it is exposed to humid and hot conditions. This panel is also easy to install and clean since dust and dirt can be removed easily. This can be applied in multipurpose halls, sports stadiums.  Commercial, school halls, and office buildings.

  • PN sound absorption board

Megasorber PN is a fixed and thin sound absorption board with a nonflammable and patented sound mesh. It has a long duration life and it will not degenerate to humid and hot conditions. This is designed specifically to be used behind timber slats. Perforated metal sheets and plasterboard. Also drop-in ceiling tile for standard ceiling grind, you can check at