Why You Should Include a Home Warranty When Selling Your Property

When selling your property, you may want to offer a home warranty to your potential buyers. A home warranty can help prevent unexpected expenses that can delay the sale of your home. For example, a heating system failure can delay the closing date or cost you thousands of dollars. Typically, a home warranty will send qualified service providers to fix problems.

Offering a Home Warranty

A home warranty is a great way to attract buyers and protect yourself. A buyer who buys a home with a warranty is protected from unexpected repairs, and a seller who purchases a home with a warranty can be confident that the property will be taken care of properly.

Home warranty plans like the Arizona home warranty can cover appliances, HVAC systems, and plumbing, and many companies offer combination policies that cover these items. Some companies also have “build your own” options, allowing you to customize your coverage. Those options are generally the most expensive, but they’re good for sellers who want to tailor their policy to specific needs.

Offering a home warranty can help your property sell faster. It can also increase your asking price. A home warranty can also cover repairs that occur during the sale process.

Choosing a home warranty plan

Before choosing a home warranty plan, you should compare the different types and levels of coverage. Make sure you check the exclusions and coverage details and choose a plan that provides comprehensive coverage at affordable premiums. Ask your real estate agent for recommendations on home warranty companies and plan options. They will be able to guide you through the entire process. Home warranties typically come in tiered coverage, with the lowest-priced plans covering only appliances, the next level covering systems, and the highest-end plans covering everything.

Home warranty plans can be beneficial for both buyers and sellers. In addition to protecting you from unforeseen repairs and expenses, they provide extra security during the selling process. Home warranty plans also provide additional coverage after a home has been sold. Buying a home with a warranty can help the sale go smoothly and help you save money on the home inspection and closing costs.

Home warranty plans can be costly for buyers, so consider whether you need to include one for your property. You’ll be responsible for paying the premiums each month for the coverage. You should check whether other listings offer the same plan for a lower price. You can also check if there are discounts for paying for a whole year at once.

Choosing a home warranty company

If you are selling your property, consider a home warranty to ensure your buyer is covered for unexpected expenses. Home warranty coverage is an excellent option for sellers because it will protect them from repair bills that can run into thousands of dollars. In addition to protecting you from unexpected expenses, a home warranty can also increase the value of your property. While some companies offer special deals for sellers, many offer the same coverage to everyone.

You can choose a home warranty that covers your home for a certain period, which can range from six months to the duration of the listing. You can also choose to extend your home warranty coverage after the listing period is over if you feel it is necessary. Home warranty coverage benefits sellers because buyers like to know that the house is covered by a warranty if there are unexpected repair costs. A home warranty will also reduce the time your property spends on the market.

A home warranty will cost several hundred dollars per year. The cost of a home warranty policy depends on the type of home and how many components you’d like covered. The basic plan covers most major appliances and essential systems and will cost between $300 and $600.

Service Call Fee

Home warranties are a great way to encourage a buyer to purchase your property. A buyer may be unable to pay the total cost of repairs, but they will be more inclined to purchase a home with a warranty. In addition, a home warranty offers a buyer peace of mind for a set period.

Home warranty companies cover most of the repair costs for buyers. While a buyer must pay the service call fee, the warranty company will cover the rest. The service call fee can range from $50 to $100. This charge covers the cost of sending a repair person to the buyer’s former home.

A home warranty can also protect the seller from unexpected costs. A home warranty will cover repairs to major systems and appliances. Choosing a company with a long history of providing such services is essential. Many companies will even cover the listing fee.