Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Motorized Indoor Shading Systems

Most homeowners consider new drapes or blinds when considering ways to upgrade their homes. But many overlook an innovative window treatment that could significantly improve their home: motorized shades. Manually opening and adjusting multiple shades can be a hassle. But with a motorized shade installation, you can easily control your windows in one smooth movement.


Unlike traditional blinds or shades, motorized window treatments like Hunter Douglas Shades eliminate the need for cords that can get tangled. They can be operated via a mobile app or remotely or integrated with a home automation system. Shades can be either hardwired, which is done through a standard electrical installation, or battery-powered for an energy-efficient option. They can also be connected to a solar panel for a green solution. Motorized shades are a smart addition to any space. They can be controlled in tandem with lighting control and even paired with automated temperature control. When set to open at certain times while you’re away, they can give the illusion that your home is occupied, which can help deter potential thieves from targeting empty houses. They can also be programmed to close at specific times, protecting your furniture from color fading and UV damage during the sunniest parts of the day.

Energy Efficiency

When paired with bright lighting or thermostats, motorized shades can automatically adjust based on the time of day and position of the sun to optimize illumination while minimizing energy consumption. This customization helps maximize occupant performance and can result in significant cost savings on utility bills. Motorized shades can also help prevent damage to household furniture by eliminating direct sunlight that may cause fading and deterioration over time. When closed during sweltering summer afternoons, they can block out harmful UV rays to reduce the burden on your air conditioning system. When opened in winter, they can capture the sun’s warming rays to reduce reliance on heating systems. Shades can also be programmed to open and close at set times when you’re away from home, creating the appearance that your residence is occupied and potentially serving as a deterrent for criminal activity.


Motorized shades eliminate cords and brackets that are tripping hazards and strangulation risks for babies, children, and pets. This enhances safety while eliminating a visual distraction that can deter potential burglars. Motorized window treatments like the ones at Treaty Oaky Shade Company also offer greater privacy. Many systems allow you to choose a more translucent shade fabric that preserves a view but blocks prying eyes. You can even program your automated window coverings to open and close at predetermined times throughout the day when you’re on vacation or away from home. This makes your house appear occupied and may deter thieves from choosing your home as a target. Most motorized blinds and shades can be integrated with smart home automation platforms enabling you to control your shades with voice commands. You can also use a dedicated remote that’s included with the system.


Motorized shades can be integrated into home automation systems, which allows them to open and close automatically at certain times of the day based on the movement of other smart devices in the home, like a smart thermostat or sunlight sensors. They also integrate with voice assistants for easy operation, and many work with third-party whole-home automation systems for a truly customized automated experience.

Moreover, motorized window treatments eliminate hanging cords, a significant safety hazard for babies and pets. You can even program your shades to move throughout the day at random intervals, allowing you to create the illusion that someone is in the house when you are away. While these benefits can make your home more comfortable, the best reason to invest in motorized shades is that they are a great way to boost security. They are an effective deterrent against burglars and help you keep your valuables safe from theft.


Most motorized shading systems eliminate cords and rods, providing a sleek, clean look that blends seamlessly with architecture or décor. Many systems also feature thoughtfully designed hardware that conceals unsightly cords and wires for a more refined aesthetic. They can be programmed to open and close at predetermined times, such as when you wake up or when the sun sets. They can even be synced with your innovative home system to simulate activity and act as a deterrent against potential break-ins. Choosing the suitable shade fabric will transform the way your room feels. Light sheer shades can create an airy, light-filled space, or more insulating fabrics can make your home feel cozy and intimate. Shades can also be coordinated with lighting to add the perfect ambiance for any occasion.