What are funeral services and how much do they cost?

A funeral service by a funeral home is assistance designed to provide the family and loved ones of a deceased person the opportunity to meet, support each other and honor them to better grieve their loss.A funeral service involves the organization of a funeral and makes it easier to overcome the pain of the death of a loved one.  Generally, funeral services are made up of at least three moments, which are considered part of a traditional funeral.

The three moments that are generally covered by a traditional cremation funeral plans service are the wake or visitation, the funeral and the burial.  These three events or moments are often called funeral services or funerals, but they can be different and all of them have different funeral costs.

 The wake or visitation

The wake is a ceremony that usually takes place before a funeral, in the home of the deceased or in a funeral home.  The wake can have different elements, since due to cultural differences it is celebrated differently not only between countries or states, but also between cities themselves.

At present, the wake or visitation has become another moment of reunion for those close to the family of the deceased.  Its purpose is precisely to watch over the body of the deceased, as well as, according to many religious traditions, to perform prayers for the good of his spirit or soul.  In many cases, funeral services are already prepared to follow the families’ specific requests for their funerals.

The funeral

The place of a funeral is usually the home of the person who has died, or if a funeral service is contracted, at the funeral home itself.Currently, the funeral may not take place in the traditional way and may even take place without any form of prayer or praying.  It is common for people, before their death, to specify the type of ritual, prayer or even activity with which they would like to be honored and remembered, which is why many funeral services have already begun to adapt to these changes, since the The Function of the funeral, beyond the specific ritual, is to serve as a moment of reunion for loved ones where the pain of their loss begins to heal.


Finally, the burial or entombment is the moment in which, if the relatives so wish, the funeral service managers transport the body from the place of the funeral to the burial location normally a cemetery.