Ways to Be a Stronger Mom

Beauty, Responsibility, and Associated Intrigue

As a mother, there are things you will see that will both melt and harden your heart. A child’s first steps, especially if the child is yours, are indescribably beautiful. However, baby-proofing the house, cleaning dirty diapers, and handling childcare can be a real nightmare. Also, as you become an involved parent, you’ll realize you have to involve yourself politically.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, local political leaders who will change public school funding, local programs, local curfews, laws relating to substance use and abuse; all will end up coming across your “plate” as a mom at some point. What will you do?

Well, that’s a discussion for another time; but you do want to keep in mind that being a parent makes you a more integral member of society, and while that makes you wiser, exposes you to more beauty, and is better for you as a person overall, it will mean you must be more responsible. With responsibility comes intrigue.

Knowing is half the battle, as they say. If you know this is the reality of the situation, as you transition, being responsible will be less difficult. So that awareness is itself a signpost on your way to being a better mom. Here we’ll briefly discuss a few other things you want to think about.

  1. Finding Help From Trusted Sources

There’s no reason to go it alone. You’re not the first mom that’s ever been, nor are you the last. Accordingly, learn from those who have had success parenting in certain ways. They’ve definitely got shortcuts for you, and they can help you know about hidden land-mines you might not even have considered.

For example: if you’ve got a teenage daughter dating a problem boy, restricting access to him will make him a martyr in her eyes, fostering forbidden romance that leads to the worst-case scenario. If, instead, you don’t restrict her access to him, but you give him opportunities to prove how good or bad he is as a mate, your daughter is more likely to see things as you do.

  1. Getting Your Latch Right

On the other end of the spectrum, when you’ve got a newborn, sometimes they’re going to have problems nursing. The issues could be related to your own biology, but it might have to do with how the baby latches. Learn proper breastfeeding positions, and which of these best resonate with your nursing style.

  1. Mothering Proactively

You’ve got to think things out in advance. When you drive on the interstate, your “mind” is miles down the road. Well, as a mom, you need the same sort of mind-set: you’ve got to be thinking ahead, and that means proactive parenting.

Being a Top Mom

When you have resources you can rely on, you know the science behind how you physically nourish your newborn, and you take a proactive approach to motherhood, you’ll be a stronger and better mom. It’s a long-term, ongoing process, but you can do it.