Treasure Those Sweet Little Moments Forever with a Baby Keepsake

Babies grow so quick, and it’s like they become totally different persons in a blink of an eye. Sometimes, we just wish we could stop time and hug them a second longer while they’re still young. However, that will never happen, and life goes on. But we can make that memory last forever with photographs and videos. And since we want to make something even special, you can try BABYink’s baby inkless print kit. These are unique baby keepsakes that you can use to capture those cute little feet and hands. Furthermore, they’re incredibly easy to use too!

If you want a keepsake that you can keep close to your heart or bring anywhere with you, then BABYink’s Inkless Print Kit is a great choice. These are safe and non-toxic. So, you will love this little project with your little one during playtime. Let’s learn why it’s a great choice when it comes to baby mementos.

Print Kits that Come in Different Colours

Colourful inkless print kits make your whole keepsake experience more exciting. Thankfully, BABYink lets you choose from five different colours. Currently, they have blue, pink, black, grey, and bronze! Whatever colour you prefer, you can perfectly signify your love for your baby with these impeccable keepsakes. For instance, if you want a simple print kit for your baby that will be perfect as decor in their nursery, you can choose black or grey colours. Or if you want something more special for your little girl, you can opt for the pink one. It all depends on you!

Easy to Use

No, you don’t need to use paints or toxic inks just to capture your baby’s little feet and hands. All you need is their special wipes and paper for the print to appear! It’s easy to use, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to pull it off. Plus, it’s mess-free. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about cleaning up after your little project. You and your baby will love this simple memento. You can even purchase a frame that will become a perfect match for your keepsake! It allows you to bring it anywhere, especially if you’re moving in the future.

Safe for Babies

As mentioned above, you don’t have to use toxic inks or paints for this project. The special wipe and paper make it safe and are certified non-toxic. No wonder it has earned an award for being a safe baby keepsake, which even newborns can use. So even if you want to have a keepsake for each month from the time they were born, it’s perfectly okay. You can purchase one for each month and then one after every year. You can track their growth and progress every step of the way with these heartwarming mementos.