The importance of direct marketing messages

Most businesses overlook the importance of direct channels when it comes to increasing revenue, but they can make all the difference. Let’s take a closer look at corporate marketing channels, their characteristics, and how they differ from one another:

Direct Channels

Direct channels are by definition more personal than other channels because there is an individual user involved in the communication process. Consumers who use these types of communication methods often go directly to the source for information or products; they are also more likely to purchase items because they feel as though they were being communicated with on a more one-to-one basis.

1) SMS Messaging

SMS messages are very powerful in driving engagement with consumers. They are short, save users time, and also serve as an efficient means of communication on the go. It’s hard to imagine a business that wouldn’t want to use SMS for its marketing purposes. Especially when you consider the range of benefits they offer businesses and non-profit organizations. Some companies, like Tatango, even specialize in working with non-profits on their SMS fundraising campaigns.

  • Immediate Delivery

Since SMS messages are sent directly to the mobile device, they are received almost instantly. This is important because consumers tend to be very busy, and they value any opportunity to save time. So if a business can provide information or deals promptly, they have an immediate advantage over competitors.

  • Selective Delivery

If time is valuable, then so is our inbox space. SMS messages offer businesses a chance to be extremely selective with how and when they send out communications. A business can use SMS for marketing purposes without having to fill people’s inboxes because each message will only be delivered to those individuals who voluntarily opt-in for the service.

  • Cost-effective

SMS messages are very cost-effective; they are especially advantageous because businesses don’t have to worry about third-party costs, such as sending and receiving faxes, engaging in surveys, or paying for promotional email campaigns.

2) Email

Email is another important communication channel that businesses can use to get in touch with their consumer base. It’s an excellent source of information for a range of reasons.

  • Targeted

Email marketing is very targeted because it allows businesses to reach out to consumers who have explicitly opted in for their messaging service. This is extremely important because it allows businesses to build a mailing list that only includes people who are interested in their products or services. It also helps businesses maintain quality control over the messages they are sending out.

  • Easy to measure

The ease with which email campaigns can be measured makes them an excellent choice for many businesses. As long as these emails contain an actionable link, it’s simple to track how many people clicked on it and then completed the desired action. This allows businesses to make important changes to their marketing message in a much more timely manner than with other channels.

Direct channels can be great for business, and they can also provide you with the opportunity to increase sales, build a loyal clientele and make a bigger impression on the market. It’s always a good idea for businesses to pay attention to these channels when it comes to their marketing strategies.