Some easy to make recipes you would love to learn

Preparing the three main meals of the day becomes a great burden when you don’t have an idea of what to prepare. Here are some wonderful ideas for you to choose from when you are wondering what to make. These can be prepared easily and are also nutrient-rich. They can give you the energy needed for the day along with making your task easier.

  • A simple bread sandwich can fix your breakfast or lunch. You have various possibilities to try with in a sandwich. Load it with a lot of veggies you like and toast it golden. If you are taking it for lunch make sure to wrap it around in aluminum foil so that it does not become soggy. You can also have it without toasting so that it stays fresh for the afternoon. All your pantry needs can be met at You could also try sauteing the veggies with some sauce and chilly flakes. This gives a different flavor to your regular sandwich. Top it with loads of cheese if you love it. You could also try out the different types of cheese for each day.
  • You get ready-made taco sheets out in many supermarkets. Next time you want to make something quick remember you have these taco sheets. Fill them with your favorite vegetables and dressings and take them for lunch. It is filling and can also give you much-needed energy. Even here you can try out different combinations of veggies for each day. You can prepare the filling a day in advance and store it in your refrigerator to use when needed. This can make your task easier. Your time in the kitchen should be easier so that you enjoy cooking.
  • Another delicious idea for your meal is the Mediterranean couscous bowl. You have a bowlful of healthy treat that can be had even as dinner. Prepare everything before you leave for work and the dish is ready in a jiffy when you get back. It has cooked couscous along with boiled chickpeas and loads of other vegetables. A tangy lemon tahini sauce takes the dish to a different level. This makes eating veggies a pleasurable task.
  • Your pasta is another wonderful dish that can be prepared in various ways. There are many different types of pasta and each need to be prepared in a specific way. With many veggies and lots of cheese, you can relish your pasta for dinner or breakfast.


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