Learn All About Plastic Card Mailer

A good mailing campaign can be improved with a reasonable response rate, and plastic postcard mailers can be an effective way to achieve that goal. Using this versatile tool for various marketing and client acquisition campaigns is a great way to double the impact of your message. Listed below are some reasons plastic postcard mailers are an effective marketing tool. Read on to learn more about these popular products. They’re an affordable way to get your message to your target audience.

Die-cut Plastic Postcards

Whether marketing a business or promoting a new product, die-cut plastic postcards can help you get noticed and increase your response rate. In addition to being cost-effective, these postcards can be repurposed as key tags, wallet cards, or key chains. Their customizable shapes and colors allow for endless design possibilities, so you’ll never run out of creative ideas for your postcards.

Die-cut plastic postcards are often used in direct marketing campaigns. These marketing pieces stand out in a person’s mailbag and feature a full-color design, personalized messages, and a durable—30-mil plastic laminate. Many mailers offer fulfillment services, including mailing postcards for their clients. They are also a versatile option for several markets, including healthcare and retail. Once you’ve created the right design for your audience, you can easily choose from a wide variety of print materials.

Laminated Pop-out Cards

Adding a Laminated Pop-Out Card to a Plastic Card Mailer can increase your direct marketing success. Whether you’re promoting a loyalty program or want to give your existing customers something unique, this card can improve sales and customer loyalty. Using a personalized barcode, you can personalize the card to reward customers for their loyalty. With a Plastic Card Mailer, your customers will be more likely to keep it and take advantage of special deals and discounts.

Unlike standard paper mail, the feel and look of a Laminated Pop-Out Card Mailer make it stand out from the competition. The laminated finish and commercial print help your postcard stand out among other direct mail pieces. With a detachable CR-80 card, your postcard will continue promoting your business months after receiving it. With the value added by a Laminated Pop-Out Card, you can ensure that your customers will remember your name, logo, and message for months to come.


The durability of plastic postcard mailers can be assured by ensuring the use of high-gloss laminate or matt finish. This lamination helps these cards withstand the harsh postal equipment. The printing technology of these PVC postcards allows for printing high-quality texts and graphics. High-grade plastic postcards are durable and resistant to abrasion. Therefore, these mailers are perfect for marketing campaigns and client acquisition mailings.

Plastic postcard mailers have been shown to increase response rates when used properly. The laminated surface allows colors and design elements to pop, which separates them from boring paper mailers. They look more attractive than a print made on paper.


While you may think a plastic postcard mailer will cost a fortune, consider its cost-effectiveness. A plastic postcard mailer delivers cost-effective advertising and promotional offers, making it an excellent choice for marketing campaigns and client acquisition programs. These postcards can be printed with graphics and text to create an attractive and memorable message. Furthermore, these postcards are durable and will not easily tear or bend. So, they make an excellent choice for client acquisition mailings.

A plastic postcard mailer can be printed with variable data, signature panel, scratch-off, or hole/slot. You can even add a custom artwork or logo. Plastic postcard mailers are eco-friendly because they are made of Teslin paper. These mailing solutions are also very durable, allowing them to withstand frequent use. They also come with a lifetime guarantee and are very affordable. To find out if a plastic postcard mailer is right for your campaign, visit our website.

Promotional Value

Many companies choose to mail their promotional materials on plastic cards. Plastic mailers have the added advantage of being reusable. They can be used for various purposes, such as membership card mailers, service contact mailers, fundraisers, insurance, warranty, and emergency notifications. They can even be used as referral cards for a business. The plastic card is a durable and versatile material that reaches a wide audience.

These mailers can also be used to promote a new store or grand opening. They can include offers ranging from price reductions customer loyalty programs, and giveaways. The extra value helps a small business to stand out from the competition. More people see a mailer and, subsequently, visit the store. So, the promotional value of a plastic card mailer is attractive to the recipient and increases the chances of attracting customers to the business.