How to visit Charleston on a budget

Are you planning your trip to Charleston? The city is known for its vibrant and charming environment and attracts lots of tourists every year. The old architectural buildings Heritage and its past history has always made people in, resulting in huge tourists all year round.

Planning a trip is easy, but planning a trip on a budget, is that easy? We will answer all your questions and help you in planning your next trip to Charleston along with the details of Spirit Flights and why it is the best option for visiting Charleston.

Tips to visit Charleston on a budget

1.Choose the cheapest Flight– It is always advisable to book flights offering huge discounts and Spirit Airlines Flight Booking is the best option. Avoid paying prices for the seats of your flights and consider early check-ins for the last-minute rush. Spirit Airlines has the most affordable and convenient flight and seat booking options. There are flight options that allows the best deals to the passengers and rather than spending money on expensive flights it is always advisable to check for the lowest price airlines available.

2. Avoid Shopping- While visiting Charleston, make sure you do not shop much as it puts heavy pressure on your pockets leading you to spend more money than required. The place is expensive and if you are traveling on a tight budget, we advise you not to proceed shopping. The price of clothing’s is comparatively higher and if you are travelling on a budget, you must keep your money aside for trying out different food cuisines and visiting other places to make your trip memorable.

3. Avoid renting a car for city visit- If you are visiting Charleston, we advise you to stay at downtown Charleston as the place allows visitors to walk and experience the beauty of the city. Moreover, some places do not even allow Uber and cars due to the narrow lanes and so, Ubers are not worth spending money on. For sightseeing one can also opt for bus tours that helps you in visiting the city at a low budget. You can also opt for bike rides if you are visiting the narrow lanes of Charleston.

4. Opt for cheap restaurants- Food scenes in the city of Charleston are normally on the expensive side. We advise people to look out for Charleston Restaurant Week that offers fixed price menus which are affordable and one can try all the delicacies at an affordable cost. The menu price is fixed for as low as $15, allowing people to binge on the food items.

5. Avoid Lodging at expensive hotels- There comes another problem when you have very little options for lodging. The best way to avoid expensive lodging in hotels is to opt for inexpensive comfortable and low maintenance hotels for your Charleston stay. Avoid High maintenance, modern and stylish hotels if you are tight on your budget. Lodging is another area which one must keep in mind to avoid unnecessary money drainage.

6. Visit the place in off season- Ironically, Charleston does not experience any of season as it has huge amount of tourist all the year round but we advised people to avoid visiting the city during the months of December to March as it is presumed that those months will definitely attract more tourist and along with that the prices of all the hotels and restaurants will rise up

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Charleston is a city that has iconic beauty with architectural heritage. The place is a must visit for people and we have also mentioned how to travel the place even if you are on a low budget with the benefits of Spirit Flight Booking. We have provided few points that will make sure that money will not become a hindrance to your personal experiences. So, plan your trip accordingly and experience the beauty of Charleston.