How much does it cost to choose seats on Spirit

Spirit Airlines is known for providing cheap airfare and many routes to major holiday locations. Picking a spot and a great deal of additional facilities aside from the airfare.

Based on Spirit’s cost structure. Flying with them will cost you more.

Before purchasing your Spirit Airlines ticket. Learn about their Spirit Airlines seat selection process. It covers available seats and pricing options.

What is the seat selection procedure for Spirit Airplanes

People on a budget can fully skip paying for seat selection. In that way, the airline will randomly select a seat for them at the entry.

Yes, you may find yourself seated separately from the rest of the travelers.

Even if travelers bought their tickets collectively. The airline cannot guarantee they will be seated together.

Airline workers will assign neighboring seats to passengers aged 13 or younger who are traveling with an adult.

The commitment falls below the US Dept. of Transportation’s updated requirements for airlines to provide close family seats.

Tips to Choose Your Spirit Airways Seat

When deciding where to locate yourself on Spirit. You really have three options.

  • Pay for the Spirit Airlines seat selection when booking prior to entry.
  • Get an option that includes priority entry, handling of bags, and seat selection.
  • Forget your place of choice and pay nothing. If you choose this option. The airline will randomly allocate your seat during check-in.

Spirit Airlines charges seat selection fees

The price of a seat allocation can vary significantly based on the airplane’s configuration and seat choices.

Spirit offers standard seats starting at $5 per flight and up to $200 for more premium options.

Oversized Front Chairs price from $12 to $750 per route. This costs more than traditional seats but provides greater space. To save money on your trip. Think about changing to a Large Front Seat. These are not guaranteed to be present.

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The Spirit Airlines is the most costly major U.S. airline, with seat fees averaging $20 each ticket, based on survey. Spirit ranks only below Frontier, a low-cost airline partner.

Spirit Airlines clients who have special seating

One of the most significant advantages of Spirit Airlines’ elite status is the free seat selection. Spirit’s top-level members get the following perks for seat selection:

Free Spirit Silver members can select an individual seat at the moment of entry. You may be able to change to an exit row seat for free before takeoff.

While confirming a booking. Free Spirit Gold members have access to an unlimited seat selection. That includes exit rows.

You regularly utilize the Free Spirit® Traveling Extra Global Elite MasterCard®. You can gain points towards Free Spirit elite rank by traveling as well as making regular purchases. For every ten dollars spent on qualifying purchases. Cardholders get one point.

How can I choose a spot on Spirit

If you check the booking in excess of 24 hours before departure. Select the Add or Change Seats option and fill out the form. If you access the booking within 24 hours of departing (up to 1.5 hours before departure). Customers have to buy seats through the online check-in system.


Use the Spirit Airways a319 Seat Map to choose the most suitable seat for your travel. Choose the nicest place on your spending limit and enjoy a wonderful journey.