Why You Should Buy Land in Matuu

Matuu has become a real estate hotspot in Kenya in the recent past. Plots for sale have been on the increasing trend for people demanding settlement and commercial purposes.

Matuu town is located along Thika-Garissa highway, in Yatta Constituency, Machakos County. It is in the midway between kitui and Thika.

The town has grown rapidly due to increased agricultural and commercial activities in the area. According to the latest reports from the Ministry of Lands, Machakos County recorded the highest number of title deeds transfers in 2020. The majority of these title deeds were from Matuu town and its outskirt.

The real question is, why are these investors scrambling for this plots in Matuu and not any other place in Machakos County apart from the obvious, agricultural purpose?

Here on this article we are going to list at list four reasons we consider to be why there is a massive real estate investment in the area.

  1. Relatively Affordable To Build

The price of land for sale in Matuu is considerably low compared to other upcoming Nairobi satellite areas. Username properties, for example, is selling 50×100 plots in the area for as low as Ksh.350,000, and the best part is that you can pay this amount in up to 12 installments.

  1. Ease Of Access

Thika-Garissa Road is accessible from Thika Road, Machakos town, and Mombasa road. People working in these areas can easily commute to and from work from Matuu town

There are also commercial centers springing along this road especially Matuu town, giving the area residents access to amenities such as supermarkets, petrol stations, and entertainment joints.

  1. Potential For Growth

As Thika town and Matuu town is expanding rapidly, residents will be forced to look for residential homes which are a bit distant from the noisy town. This growth potential ensures that infrastructure developments and improved services are provided, increasing the resident’s living standards and providing them with additional business opportunities.

  1. Ease Of Title Processing

Buying land in Kenya is not an easy exercise due to the complexities of the real estate market and the huge sums of money involved. Matuu, located in Machakos County, offers a reprieve to landowners, especially with the difficulties associated with processing title deeds in neighboring counties like Nairobi and Kajiado.

This makes the process less cumbersome, resulting in huge savings in both time and money for the investors.

  1. Budding Family Life

If you are looking for a quiet place to raise your kids, Matuu offers a wonderful family lifestyle for young families.

From schools, hospitals, and family-friendly entertainment spots, the area is perfect for young and growing middle-class families.

  1. Oakfield Matuu: The Perfect Place For Your New Home

Deciding where to build your home and raise your family is an important and difficult decision. Many areas appeal to prospective buyers in different ways but have glaring disadvantages on closer inspection.

Matuu has, over the last few years, been a land buyer’s dream. This area offers cheaper land rates, a growing community, and an easy commute, among other necessities for young and growing families.

If you are thinking of building your home in the suburbs, then Oakfield Matuu might just be the perfect neighborhood for you!