Which are the leading auto-dialer software companies in India?

Have any idea about autodialer? As an alternative to manually controlled telephone exchanges, auto-dialers are most frequently used in call centres.

Auto dialers, sometimes called automatic telephone dialling systems or auto dialling machines, are primarily used to quickly connect numerous callers to the same phone number and hold the calls until an operator can be linked to manage the calls.

An outbound dialer software that automatically dials a list of contacts is a cloud-based auto dialer. Cloud telephony makes manual labour easier, enables you to reach big audiences, and increases productivity for your business. Depending on the type and purpose of an automatic dialer, your company can alter the call flow. It gives the procedure a more ordered flow.

To ensure that many outbound calls are made automatically, get an auto power dialer system. Additionally, the cloud-based dialer system is more beneficial than conventional auto-dialers in terms of cost and easy implementation. Below listed are the leading auto-dialer software companies in India:

What is an Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is software that dials calls automatically and, once connected, either plays a pre-recorded message or transfers the call immediately to a live agent. As a part of the outbound call center, Knowlarity provides progressive and predictive dialers, allowing users to increase agent productivity for smooth operations. Progressive dialers automatically call the next number on the list after each call. Doing this reduces the wait time between calls, which can greatly increase productivity. The number of available agents in the queue determines how many new consumers are dialled out when using predictive dialers.


Streamlined business communication on the cloud is made possible by Knowlarity, a top cloud telephony auto dialer software companies in India. Knowlarity’s solutions enable the mobile workforce by automating business communication for quick and seamless customer experiences from anywhere in the world. The traditional contact centre will be upgraded to a more intelligent virtual calling platform by switching to cloud solutions. Deliver a personalized customer experience on a digital channel by gaining real-time access to a single platform for the solutions.


One of the most straightforward cloud call management platforms, MyOperator is made for any size business and requires little technical expertise. It is a cloud telephony business founded in 2013 to enhance customer call handling and communication. Any size business can use it to optimize client calls and provide customers with high-quality calling experiences. MyOperator commits to its consumers, and the team goes above and beyond to make that happen.


Exotel provides business communications. Many people trust Exotel since Exotel consistently meets SLAs like 99.4 percent uptime and quick service scaling during high call volume. The fully functional remote work solution for sales and support teams helps to serve a spread workforce. Improve business performance by keeping track of key call insights. In addition to essential features like multi-level IVR, listen-whisper-barge for managers, or lead management for marketplaces, Exotel provides a simple cloud communications solution to integrate into custom apps, CRMs, or helpdesk software to provide a single source of truth.


The contact centre software from Ameyo dramatically decreases agent idle time and helps in initial call resolution, increasing overall productivity. Ameyo offers customer-rich solutions that are accessible and agent-friendly while being reasonably priced. For 2000 Brands in 60 countries, Ameyo creates customer experience memories. Ameyo, a platform designed to address all customer experience issues, provides a strong contact centre solution. The key goal is to help all businesses, whether SMEs or Enterprises, manage their customer interactions and do away with siloed operations and workforce management.

Voiptime Cloud

The cloud-based call centre solution from Voiptime Contact Center boosts the output of your workers.

The features of Voiptime Cloud software include built-in CRM, phone campaign management involves the creation and mileage tracking apps of numerous call campaigns, many dialling options, transferring calls between users, etc.

Enhance your business using auto dialer software:

The above listed are the leading auto dialler software companies in India. Knowlarity is the best auto dialler company with a lot of features and advantages. If you are looking for the best auto dialler company, you can choose a Knowlarity to enhance your business productivity.