Unique Features of a Lake House


If you plan to buy waterfront property or build a home on a waterfront lot, you’re probably thinking about additional features for your home. Of course, every homebuyer has different wants and needs when making their home “theirs,” but there are some common features to include in waterfront homes. Typical lake houses are made of slatted wood walls and ceilings, but you can add a modern twist to them.

Open Floor Plan

A lake house is an excellent place to have an open floor plan. Aside from having a spacious layout, lake houses, such as those at homes for sale Lake Travis, frequently have excellent curb appeal. These homes usually feature a covered entry porch, open living room, and kitchen space. Both areas offer sweeping views of the water. An open kitchen with a peninsula counter offers plenty of workspaces. The main bedroom is on the opposite side of the space and features a full bathroom with a double sink and a walk-in closet. You can also enjoy easy access to a laundry room.

Open floor plans are popular because they allow for clear flow from room to room. They also create a feeling of openness in each space, which is a huge bonus for homeowners.


Waterfront residents can enjoy the fresh air, lake breezes, and breathtaking views from their homes thanks to a deck or patio. Newcomers should be aware that obtaining building permits for patios or decks can take a long time before they can be built. Fortunately, houses such as the New Braunfels homes frequently include an attached deck or patio. Outdoor lighting is essential for enjoying summer barbecues or simply sitting outside each day after sunset to enjoy the luxurious views.

Attached Garage

The attached garages are one of the most sought-after features of lake houses. They’re convenient and more cost-effective to build than detached garages. They also provide extra space for storage or storing things like refrigerators. Plus, they’re close to the house’s electricity and heating. If you can turn your attached garage into a living space, that’s even better.

Whether to build an attached or detached garage depends on your preferences and living arrangements. Attached garages are cheaper than detached garages, but detached ones require more work to install utilities, including electricity and ventilation. Also, attached garages can use the existing walls of the main house. On the other hand, detached garages must be built from scratch. It means a detached garage will require more expensive materials and cost more to build.


The construction costs of Lake Homes For Sale depend on some factors. These include location, size of the property, land requirements, and terrain. You should also consider any architectural or engineering services you need and the costs associated with permits and inspections. For example, excavation costs can account for much of the overall construction costs. You should consult a geological engineer to assess the soil and ground conditions and ensure that the building site is safe and stable.

Besides the initial construction costs, lake house maintenance can be costly. It’s important to plan and budget appropriately. If you plan to use the lake house only in the summer, you may want to consider renting it out for short periods throughout the year. It would help if you also planned for future expansion of the property. Some lakefront properties began as simple cottages and have since evolved into multi-level structures.