Preparing yourself mentally for a new place

On an emotional level, the psychological impact of a move is in the top 5 of the most stressful situations we experience in a lifetime, side by side with a divorce or separation. Individuals naturally develop an attachment to their home and environment. 

This attachment can be as strong as the relationship with their family. This article advises how to mentally prepare yourself for moving to a new place.

Prepare and plan for the unexpected.

Before a move, it is necessary to be psychologically and physically prepared. It’s about acknowledging that when moving, it’s possible (and normal) to experience anxiety due to fear of the unknown and/or grief at the thought of leaving people behind. and places behind you.

People resist change because it often feels imposed or unpredictable. Think of the move as a transition. 

For some, it is a transition to a dream or a new life; for others, it’s a transition away from a complicated situation. Either way, moving is usually a decision to seek a better environment, a fresh start, or an adventure.

It is important to remember that everything you hold dear (experiences, people, and places) is a memory that stays with you. 

Likewise, you can leave memories that have no value behind the walls within which you have lived.

Moving: a new beginning

Focus on not leaving your friends and neighbors behind but simply expanding your friend group by meeting new people and developing new relationships within the community.

As you fill in the boxes, see this as an opportunity to get rid of all the clutter (emotional and physical) that you have accumulated that does not need to accompany you to a new life. 

It’s an opportunity to clean up your mind as well as the contents of the house. It’s about creating emotional space for new memories as well as physical space for new furniture.

Transfer your old life into your new life. Involve your family and friends in the move and acclimatization to your new environment.

Visit your new neighbors. During the first time, it will be up to you to make an effort to open up to others. Shop around the local shops, cook local dishes and soak up your new region.

Make new habits. For example, set a route that involves passing your new house or apartment as often as possible to gently acclimatize.

Make an effort to develop new relationships. Look to local businesses and strike up a conversation with people you relate to.

Set up new rites. For example, invite your friends and family to lunch or coffee regularly in your new accommodation.

A little organization!

To prepare yourself mentally for the move, get organized! Six to eight weeks before moving forward, make a list of everything you need. 

You are welcome to delegate by contacting moving companies, friends, and family members.

And above all, take care of yourself! Be sure to rest, take time, and don’t overdo it. A move often makes you believe that you will never be able to do everything in time.

Adapt and be flexible. Usually, nothing goes exactly as planned. You will encounter obstacles along the way, that’s for sure. Have a plan B in place in case things turn out differently from what you planned.

The psychological impact of a move is not something that can be minimized. Quite the contrary. Whether you want to move or have to, anxiety and apprehension are tied to the “unknown” part of a new life. Take comfort in remembering why the move is a necessity. Remember that, with novelty, you will create new memories and that each step will make you grow.

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