How To Discover Your Lost Self?

How To Discover Your Lost Self?

We are so busy running and chasing money, property, career, and everything else that we have lost ourselves. Don’t you think we have lost ourselves in the hustle and bustle of daily life? Is that an ideal way to live? What is the advantage of gaining everything when we lose ourselves? Well, the ultimate goal should always be happiness and self-satisfaction. How can we find our lost selves in this chase?

Kristina Mand Lakhiani, in her book, “Becoming Flawesome”, takes us on a journey to find our lost selves. She helps us understand through various chapters in the book what we can do to find us. Well, this blog will also throw some light on those aspects. So, without waiting any further, let us explore our authentic selves.

What Can You Do To Discover Your True Self?

We are busy being someone else in a world of competition and comparison. The places we are learning teach us to be something or the other. However, is there any place that helps you discover your lost self? Do we teach our kids that their personality is the most unique and valuable asset that they have with them? No. We tell them to be like this doctor or that engineer, but we seldom tell them to be their original selves. So, let us talk about some simple steps that we can take to rekindle our lost selves.

  • Do What You Love: Do you ever observe how happy you become when you do something you love? We are so lost in the moment that we are unaware of the time. We are not aware of our surroundings or anything else. Hence, no matter where you are or whatever you are doing, always find time to do what you love the most.
  • Be Mindful: Why are you overthinking about your past or future? You have your present with you. So, whatever you are doing, ensure you are mindful of it. Being mindful will hold you to the moment, and you can cherish second.
  • Follow Your Dreams: Do not do what people think is right for you. Rather do where your heart goes. Follow your dreams, and you will always be happy. We do not break down even when we get defeated in achieving what we love. It is rather a stepping stone to our success.
  • Be Your Best Version: Stop trying to be perfect. Instead, be the best version of yourself. When you are the authentic version of yourself, you are naturally happy. So, be your best version, and happiness will follow.
  • Stop Comparing: Leave behind the mindset of comparison. Instead of comparing yourself to others and society, see how far you have come in your journey. Do not see yourself through the lens of society.

Find Your Authentic Self

In the process of #BecomingFlawesome, Kristina mentions how essential it is to be authentic versions of ourselves. The ultimate satisfaction comes when we are authentic and not pretending to be someone else. So, follow what Kristina says in her book and be the authentic, happy, and content version of you.