Five Reasons Why You Need A Local Letting Agent In Romford

If you’re looking for a reliable letting agent in Romford, then it’s important to understand why you should use a local firm. With the property market booming, having an experienced local letting agent is invaluable when finding tenants and managing your rental property. In this article, we’ll describe five reasons to use a local letting agent in Romford.

Getting The Price Right

When renting a property, one of the biggest challenges for landlords and letting agents in Romford is getting the price right. 

The first step is to research the local market thoroughly. Look at what similar properties are being let for in your area and note any trends or changes in demand. Then, when choosing your rental price, consider location, condition, and size.

Advertise Far And Wide.

If you are a letting agent in Romford, advertising your services is daunting. However, you can reach potential clients far and wide with the right approach and strategy. 

  • In the current digital era, having an internet presence is crucial. Aim to have your website at the top of search results when consumers type in “letting agents in Romford” by keeping it current and search engine optimized. 
  • Consider traditional methods such as print advertisements in local newspapers or magazines. 

Gaining Vetted And Trusted Tenants

However, the process of vetting potential renters can take time and effort. Fortunately, there are letting agents in Romford who specialize in matching landlords with reliable tenants.

You can use their expertise in screening prospective renters by working with a letting agent.

Professional Negotiation On Rental Income

Professional negotiation on rental income is an essential aspect of the letting industry. It involves carefully considering various factors, such as property location, market demand, and tenant budget. The primary goal of professional negotiation is to secure the best rental income for landlords while ensuring that tenants receive a fair price for their rent.

Protection Against Changes In Legislation

Any letting agent in Romford knows the importance of staying ahead of changes in legislation. Landlords and tenants rely on letting agents to provide them with up-to-date information, guidance, and support when renting out properties. 

One way that letting agents can protect themselves against changes in legislation is by working closely with legal professionals specializing in property law. 

Getting Paid On Time

Getting paid on time is crucial for any business, particularly for letting agents in Romford. As a letting agent, your income depends on collecting rent from tenants every month. When rent goes unpaid, it can create significant financial problems for you and your business.

One way to ensure you get paid on time as a letting agent in Romford is to establish clear payment policies with your tenants. 


Hiring a local letting agent in Romford has many benefits. From providing their expertise in the market to helping you to find suitable tenants, these agents can save you time and money. They also bring invaluable knowledge of the local area, laws governing lettings, and an understanding of the importance of tenant-landlord relations.