Chocolate vs. Red Velvet cake: What’s the Best Pick?

Is the birthday of any of your beloved ones around the corner? 

Are you planning a special online cake delivery but confused between a chocolate cake order online and red velvet cake order online?

Then, we’ll sort the confusion out. Here’s a comparison between chocolate and red velvet cake. Let’s see which is the best pick or are both equally impressive.

What is a Chocolate Cake?

We all know what a chocolate cake is, and we’ve probably eaten it a hundred times. Yes, chocolate cake is almost everyone’s favorite. But if it had to be described, a chocolate cake is made of chocolate or cocoa.

Chocolate cakes come in various types. Some of them include chocolate fudge cake, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate lava cake, black forest cake, and Belgian chocolate cake. The essential ingredients include cocoa powder, eggs, sugar, baking powder, flour, and butter. It has a pretty straightforward recipe.

What is a Red Velvet Cake?

Now, what is a red velvet cake? It is a rich chocolate-flavored sponge red cake. The cake is usually layered with white icing made up of cream cheese. 

Some commonly used ingredients include butter, flour, cocoa, vinegar, and buttermilk. In addition, it has a cream cheese icing layer. 

A red velvet cake is soft, dense, and has a moist and smooth velvety crumb. It tastes like a blend of mild cocoa, buttermilk, and mild cocoa. Historically, it was reserved for the elite and special events across history. Even today, many people keep a red velvet cake for exclusive occasions.

Difference Between Chocolate Cake vs. Red Velvet Cake

Now that you know what a red velvet cake and chocolate cake are, let’s look at a few differences between chocolate cake and red velvet cake. 

It will help you sort out your online cake delivery thing – whether to go for a chocolate cake order online or red velvet cake order online.

Chocolate Cake Red Velvet Cake
Contains cocoa or chocolate Sponge chocolate-flavored cake
Brown in color Red in color
Any frosting Cheese frosting
Simpler to make and more commonly eaten A bit complex preparation. Mostly ordered for special events
Richer in appearance, thicker in texture and has a blended taste  Texture and thickness depend on ingredients. Predominantly tastes like chocolate

Chocolate Cake Order Online or Red Velvet Cake Order Online – What to Choose?

Now, while planning for an online cake delivery, which cake do you choose – chocolate cake order online or red velvet cake order online?

Rest assured, both cakes taste incredible. But your choice could significantly depend on what mood you are in.

Suppose you’ve eaten chocolate cake umpteen times before and yet don’t want to try anything new; perhaps, only change the cake’s type; you may order a chocolate cake online. But if you’re going to surprise your beloved with a cake different from the rest that will add a unique flavor to the celebration, you may opt for red velvet cake order online. 

Of course, the choice is always yours and, more importantly, that of whom you are ordering the cake! The idea is to gather and celebrate the occasion with a soft, delicious, and rich cake. Both cakes serve the purpose!