3 Beautiful Wedding Venues Near Essex

Essex land is known for its fertility worldwide enabling the biodiversity to spread its wings. During the wedding season, there is a total rush to book the venues in Essex. The venue owners receive application after application for the booking of the venue. Everyone wants their wedding grand, away from city life and a wedding everyone remembers. With the overbooking of venues in Essex, how can one look for weddings in Essex, which venues are perfect for which themed wedding that I’ll discuss in this blog?

Indoor Weddings

If you want an indoor wedding in Essex you will have to book the venue at least six months before the wedding season. No, there are sufficient wedding venues Essex . The only problem is their availability. Everyone wants their wedding in nature’s lap, and the weather conditions of Essex land are perfect for wedding neither too hot nor too cold. Nearby sea borders in Essex are the reasons for the beautiful serene views, and just don’t stop me from talking about the various beautiful flora and fauna found there. One of the most varieties of flora could be spotted in Essex leading to beautiful Interior decorations of beautiful flowers on your wedding aisle.

Beach Wedding

Essex coast is one of the longest coasts in the nearby area leading to abundant trade and beautiful beaches. As not everyone favours beach weddings due to overpriced venues, If you want a beach wedding you could always ask your planner to build some makeshift stage near the beach. And trust me on this beach weddings are best during dusk and dawn. The serene environment connects the wedding vows to the heart of everyone present at the wedding, and about pictures let’s not talk about them, they are perfect, you could also go for romantic posing in the secluded area of the beaches.

Backyard Weddings

Due to fertile land, the backyard gardens serve as perfect Wedding venues Essex. No big props are required, no artificial flowers and decorating items. As people of Essex are known for their agriculture and backyard gardens. People are so passionate about the gardens, you’ll be amazed to see the gardens of Essex. Their gardens follow a specific pattern that is perfect for a photoshoot no extra interior designers are needed to be hired. Nature decorated the wedding venues of Essex. People of Essex are so helpful, I have come under various instances where people lend their garden for weddings to people. So you can go and talk with them about how their garden intricates you and they will most probably allow you to plan your wedding in their gardens.

There are many places one could plan a wedding in Essex. Especially for nature lovers, this is the perfect place to afford your dream wedding. Towards the southeast direction of Essex is the famous London city, so need not worry about transportation, Essex is known for its good trade routes, be it the sea or roads. Weddings at Essex are often said to be nature’s gift to couples.