What Are EIS Shares Used For In 2022?

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EIS stands for Enterprise Investment Scheme offering investors the opportunity to take advantage of a host of generous tax reliefs alongside potentially excellent returns in exchange for their investments into a qualifying early-stage company.

The Enterprise investment scheme is regarded as a government-backed initiative introducing investors to the opportunity to take advantage of a host of generous tax reliefs alongside potentially high returns in exchanges in the context of their investment into a qualifying early-stage company.

EIS investments generally are all about appealing to experienced investors and high earners, being a form of tax-efficient investing. It means individuals can truly use the EIS tax reliefs to shield their capital from tax cuts, offset cuts to pension allowances as well as limit the effect of different forms of financial restrictions which can erode capital savings.

In order to qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme, companies should truly accomplish a number of strict needs which ensure the sustainability as well as the potential growth of the company.

Income Tax Relief Of Upto 30%

It is applicable following a maximum annual investment of £1 million, or £2 million if at least £1 million is truly invested into knowledge-intensive companies. You should go ahead to have a maximum annual investment to make more profit.

No Capital Gains Tax While Selling EIS Shares

Do you hold the shares for at least three years and get income tax relief on all of your subscriptions following the EIS shares.

Capital Gains Deferral

If you have been using a gain from the sale of any asset in order to make an investment following an EIS-eligible company, you do not hold to pay the capital gains tax immediately. Tax on gains realized following a different asset can truly be deferred where the EIS investment is less than 12 months prior or 36 months once the disposal of the purchase. There is no minimum period for what the EIS share must be held indeed. The deferred capital gain is brought back following the charge whenever the EIS shares are disposed of.

Inheritance Tax-Free

Once you hold your EIS investment for 2 years, it has turned out to turn into inheritance tax-free. Therefore, you should go with EIS Shares to earn more profit.

Loss Relief

If your EIS investment is truly realized following a loss, it can truly be offset against the same or the previous year’s income tax, or the same year’s capital gains tax.


For EIS shares, the rules of the schemes must be followed so that the investors can truly claim and keep the EIS Tax relief involving their shares. Considering companies have been trading for less in comparison to two years.