What Advantages Come With Taking An SMSTS Course?

What Advantages Come With Taking An SMSTS Course?

The advantages of finishing an SMSTS course are numerous. It is required to complete the role and be considered by an employer for a site supervisor or those desiring to fill the position.

Everyone operating in the construction industry will benefit from it, as evidenced by their highest level of education and comprehension of health and safety laws and procedures.

This is essential to overall CPD and will greatly aid job advancement. This is reinforced by obtaining one of the field’s most prestigious and well-respected credentials and certifications.

Advantages Of Pursuing The SMSTS Qualification

Here are four advantages we anticipate from pursuing the SMSTS course London:

It’s An Acknowledged Qualification

The degree to which a qualification is accepted across the industry may be among its most crucial characteristics. Due to the hands-on learning method and the course material, SMSTS has a stellar reputation in the construction industry and is highly regarded by experts. When you enrol, you know that your financial investment is going towards a credential that will help you advance professionally and in your day-to-day work.

The Course Material Is Pertinent

All of the content will be pertinent because the course is designed for those in charge of building sites, so you won’t feel as if you’re wasting your precious time. The course covers the pertinent rules about CDM. Also, it addresses the difficulties associated with working at heights and in small places and how to do a reliable risk analysis.

You Can Quickly Update Your Qualifications

Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll be the happy owner of a CITB-valid 5-year Site Safety Plus certificate. The nicest aspect is that you don’t have to repeat the entire course when it’s almost over. CITB offers a two-day refresher training in its place.

You will update your knowledge of the relevant legislation and refresh your skills throughout the two days of the SMSTS course, as they may have changed since you last earned your certificate. The course structure is similar, and you are evaluated during the procedure and a multiple-choice exam. Once finished, your SMSTS certification is valid for a further five years.

Expands Career Opportunities

Take the time to review the job criteria while you’re looking for a job as a site manager or supervisor. Although having the SMSTS course London is not legally required for site managers, you will nevertheless encounter businesses suggesting that having the certification is crucial for the position. If you already have a job, you might request funding from your company for the course or pay for it yourself. Regardless of your path, earning the qualification will assist you in advancing in your chosen profession.


You may demonstrate your competence to adhere to all legislation and regulations on construction sites by earning your Site Management Safety Training Program certificate and completing the refresher course as needed. This indicates that you are keeping the public and fellow site workers safe.