Improve Your Baby’s Sleep with Love to Dream’s Baby Sleeping Bags

Did you recently have your baby? Have you been suffering sleepless nights because your baby seems to wake up every hour? If that’s the case, then it’s time for you to try Love to Dream’s baby sleeping bags. These sleeping bags are designed to help your baby sleep for longer hours. Therefore, you get to sleep and get the rest you need to take care of them. If you want them to sleep beautifully and soundly, sleeping bags may be the answer to all your problems. So it’s time to level up your baby’s naps and give yourself a well-deserved shut-eye after everything you’ve been through as a parent. Let’s learn more about Love to Dream here.

Baby Swaddling for Newborns

Love to Dream follows a stage for your baby to transition their sleeping habits from newborn to toddlerhood. The first stage is for newborns, which is called swaddling. With their award-winning baby swaddles, your newborn will sleep soundly every night. These are award-winning swaddles, which are designed to give your baby the feeling as if they’re in your womb. It keeps their arms up instead of across their chest or on their sides, which replicates your baby’s behaviour in your womb. It’s better and unique since your baby has more freedom for self-soothing while they’re asleep.

Transitional Baby Sleeping Bags

Once your baby reaches the stage where they’re trying to roll over, you will need to stop swaddling your baby. So that means at around 2 months old and above, you should look for signs that your baby is rolling over. Once that happens, you’ll want them to use the transitional baby sleeping bags from Love to Dream. They have the Swaddle Up transition bag and transition suit, which will get them ready to roll over. And it continues to provide them with that secure and snug feeling that helps them fall asleep.

Independent Sleeping Bags for Babies On the Move

Once your baby reaches 6 months old and above, it’s time for you to try and get them to use Love to Dream’s sleep suits and sleep bags. These are designed for a warmer, safer, and better sleep for your little one who is already on the move. Therefore, their arms are more independent and free to move, which gives them a chance to learn how to sleep better and more soundly every night. Furthermore, these are much safer than using blankets too. So they continue to feel snug and warm without restricting their movements.

Add Love to Dream to Your Nighttime Routine

A baby should have a nighttime routine, so it’ll be easier for you to put them to bed. However, if your baby can be difficult and have problems with sleeping, you might want them to start with Love to Dream’s sleeping bags. It’ll give the best rest, for both baby and you!