How To Set Up Extender Without Leaving Any Work

Once you have a wifi extender at your home, you must set up your extender. If you don’t know how to set up the wifi extender then you must go to and follow the instructions step by step.

There are 7 steps to set up the extender-

Restart The Extender

  • Now, put the plug in your extender and follow the setup instructions. When your device is powered or check the connection of the network. Then you can check the software of the extender to see the signal strength.

When you do not have a solid connection to your original wifi network, then the extender network’s speed would not be so good. Confirms that there is not a single issue. Consider changing the name or the names for your extended network to match your pre-existing network with the help of a brostend extender setup.

Change The Location

  • Place your wifi Extender at the central location of your home which is nearest to your router to easily get the strongest signal. When the extender is far away from the router, the extender will create a problem regarding the speed.

When your router is in one location and you want to set up your extender in another house or on the floor by the various walls then it will create a mesh network which gives the network problem.

Connect Your Extender With Router

  • To start the Brostrend wifi extender setup you will need to consult the manual. At the top of the topic, the manufacturer gives you a website to set up the wifi extender through the initial process.

It will depend on your router and the extender. You must be able to press the WPS button on your router to connect the extender to the router. There will be a chance for your extender to have the software which will help in setting up your device.

Use Different Frequency Devices

  • You must know some basic information regarding the router to observe the extender software. Behind the network name and password, you must know what is the frequency of your router broadcast. Modern routers provide 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

By this default, a dual-band router will usually provide both frequencies in the form of a wireless network But generally, the 2.4GHz band has one name and 5GHz is the name of the other.

Use Extender App

  • Firstly You have to go to the extender app and then go to the wifi panel of settings on mobile phones or tablets. 0606 Hyperoptic is our normal router and you can see that it transfers the wifi on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. You can also see that the range of the extender is also transferred to its own signal. If you use the WPS button, you may automatically connect to the range of the wifi extender.

Switch The Extender

  • Switching between the network is not a big problem for a single device such as a laptop; they can spend most of the time in the office or in the room. They have a small chore with smartphones and tablets that they can move around a lot more.

Some of the more expensive range extenders can eliminate this problem by merging their own wifi network from your main router.

This is also known as roaming and it allows you to switch automatically between the router and the range extender. It can depend on which one is closer and gives the fastest wifi signal.

Check The Range Of Network

  • When you set up everything and connect with a strong network then you are good to go. You will manually join its network when you are in its range and return to your regular network when you are out of range.

In this case, the extender network and the original network would behave like the same network. You automatically switch to come in and out of range of it


Most people are facing the problem of the set up of extenders. If you want to solve this problem then read this article and follow the instructions carefully.