How to Read Tarot Cards for Beginners

This blog is intended for those who have never read Tarot cards before, but would like to read them. The best tarot reading will consist of general information about the meanings and significance of Tarot cards, as well as step-by-steps on how to read them.

Basic Overview

Tarot cards are not meant to be used for fortune-telling. Rather, Tarot cards can be used in a very simplistic form of reading. It just requires one to have an open mind and knowledge of the meanings of the card figures, as well as their place in the spread.

Many of these image cards have multiple meanings associated with them. But it is important that you only focus on one meaning during a reading. For example, while this card, 7 Swords, may indicate your fears about fighting or expressing anger at someone, it is important that you interpret this meaning during a reading when other cards are already stacked next to it.

The card spread is really the fundamental part of the reading. It is just a matter of positioning the cards in a way that you can interpret them properly. But it is also important to know how to read a spread because it gives a background as well as an explanation as to why certain cards are positioned next to each other.

Basic principles of Tarot card reading

The image cards in a spread tell the story behind why certain choices were made. There are two fundamental ways to interpret them:

  • Interpret the meaning behind each individual card
  • Interpret the meaning behind each pair of cards.
  • When interpreting a spread, you have to take into account that there are always only two possible outcomes for any situation and vice-versa depending on what combinations happen in any given reading.
  • You should also remember that you can only read what the cards tell you. If the cards are telling you something entirely different from what you predicted, just accept it.
  • Know your surroundings! You have to be aware of all the conditions and factors of the question posed in order to obtain proper answers when reading a spread. Stay mindful of your own emotions, as well as environmental factors that might influence one’s decision in any given situation.
  • It is easier to remember a short phrase or sentence that sums up an entire reading rather than trying to memorize each card individually. This will allow you, as a reader, to keep things simple, but still effective and efficient in terms of remembering everything.