How to buy the best bean bags for your space?

When you like a modern interior at your home or work without the interior accents of bean bags. Before it dominated the living area but now you can see it in public spaces. Sometimes people are having a mistake when they buy bean bags. It easily wears out and loses its designs.

Planning on buying bean bags for your outdoor spaces or home are the things you have to consider to achieve the best quality and price. Most designers do not need to combine it with furniture and decor elements.

As bean bags by Ivory & Deene are unique in design. These are the things to know whether the bean bag has good quality.

Inside and outside

People are sometimes impulsive when they buy bean bags. But when you are the buyer you have to at least know its essentials. First, you have to know whether the bean bag has an inside bag. There are times that the outside bag is damaged because of an accident then it can spill its filling on the floor. The reason why the bean bag has two bags is that the inside bag has a polystyrene bead and the outside can be cleaned out.

The shape of the bag

The size and shape of a bean bag can sometimes get a longer discussion. It will be simpler when the shape that you chose depends on your needs. When you like the bean bag to be carried to different rooms, you can buy a pear-shaped one or the same with furniture that has a handle that you can move. You are not the only one that likes to use bean bags but also those children. There is a popular bean bag and many people called it an L-shaped. A strictly shaped bean bags are ideal to use in offices and living areas.


The fabric of the bag

Sometimes it doesn’t include in the guidelines what kind of fabric you need to have for your outside bags. Most buyers are buying attractive bags. The bags are made of soft polyester and when you like to have them indoors it is best to use artificial leather. It can be ideal in both spaces, the indoors and outdoors. Bean bags that are made with artificial leather is ideal for pets. As it is easier to clean and the hair is not sticking to the bag. There is now a modern fabric where damp-proof fabrics with layers that resist the liquids. The bags have two strong fabrics with beads and fabric outside bags and elastic textile inside bags that can be cleaned.


When you plan on buying bean bags for your yard, swimming pool, or terrace, the fabric has to be waterproof. It also needs to be spacious so the bean bag can look good in it. You can use bean bags as your table or depending on what you like.