Cave Tours Margaret River | A Guide to Enjoy Nature’s Best

Cave tours in Margaret River are the most convenient and time-efficient way to satisfy your need for contact with nature. Each cave has its own unique feature that will leave you panting for air, from deep caverns to wide halls with hidden lakes and magnificent panoramas. These features range from caves that are deep to caves that are broad.

The caves of Margaret River, which can be seen all the way from Busselton to Augusta, are one of the natural wonders that can be found in Australia’s South West. Over a million years ago, they came into being, and there are more than a hundred of these limestone caves have been found, but only six of them are open to the public, with or without guided tours. This particular cave system cannot be found anywhere else in Western Australia.

There are many things to see and do in the Margaret River region, but if you are looking for something that is really one of a kind, it is recommended that you check out the caves. The caves near Margaret River are among the best of their kind. The family’s trip to Cave Tours Margaret River, Australia, will be jam-packed with memorable experiences.

The Best Cave Tours Margaret River

Accessibility issues, the needs of your family, and the amount of time you have available are a few of the additional variables that might play a role in your final decision when choosing what cave tours in Margaret River to go on.

1. Jewel Cavern

The Margaret River Jewel Cave is the biggest show cave in Western Australia. It has three huge chambers and is among the longest straw stalactites seen in any tourist cave in Australia. The cave is situated in the gorgeous Boranup Karri forest.

It is one of the best caves in the world for families with small children to visit since more than forty percent of the cave has been opened up to visitors. When it comes to cave tours in the Margaret River area, Jewel Cave is your one-stop shop.

2. Lake Cave

Lake Cave, which is located in the Margaret River Area, is a spectacular crystal wonderland and is also one of the caves with the highest depths. A trip to Lake Cave, which can be reached via a cave and some towering Karri trees, is an experience that should not be missed by everyone, regardless of age.

Lake Cave is the cave in the Margaret River Area that is considered to have the highest level of “actively dripping” since it is the only cave in the region to include a permanent lake that reflects the incredible beauty of the cave’s interior. Behold the astounding “suspended table” design, which despite its significant size and bulk, hovers effortlessly above the glistening lake water like its position there has no bearing on it.

3. Ngilgi Cave

Ngilgi Cave is Western Australia’s first tourist attraction and is rich in history. It can be reached from Dunsborough or Yallingup through Caves Road and is readily accessible from both of these locations. This is an excellent location to visit if you are in the northern part of the region and are interested in the caves that are located near Busselton or Dunsborough.

The history of this cave is intriguing, but what really takes your breath away is the stunning display of stalactite, stalagmite, helictite, and shawl formations.

4. Mammoth Cave

The entrance to Mammoth Cave may be found to the north of Margaret River. The tourists that come to Mammoth Cave are the kind who like taking their time and exploring the caverns at their own pace. Mammoth Cave, near Margaret River, Western Australia, is one of the few caves in the world that allows visitors to explore on their own without the assistance of a guide.

5. Giants Cave

The Margaret River Giants Cave is an amazing place to go on an adventure since it is more than 500 metres deep, has a natural cave floor, and also has built walkways. There are horizontal and vertical ladder climbs, rock scrambles, confined spaces, expansive chambers, and more. This outing is not appropriate for children less than six years old, and those participants are required to wear shoes with closed toes.

6. Calgardup

Calgardup Cave is also a fantastic cave to explore at your own pace and without the assistance of a guide, and it is located close to Margaret River. Because there are handrails on all of the boardwalks and stairs, this area is ideal for individuals of all ages. The magnificent Calgardup Cave can be found in Western Australia.

Because it is one of the few caves in the Margaret River area that does not require visitors to have a guide, Calgardup Cave is known for having a quieter and less frequented atmosphere than the other caverns in the region. Visitors do not need to make reservations in order to explore Calgardup Cave; nonetheless, it is recommended that you check this website for up-to-date information about admission prices and operating hours.


These were some of the top cave tours in Margaret River to go on. They are some of Margaret River’s finest cave attractions for a variety of reasons, such as being some of Australia’s most interesting geological formations. Not only that, but they are also appropriate for families and provide a fully guided tour that you can pay for. Enjoy top cave tours and nature’s best with your family now.