Why using organic tampons is essential thing to use?

Women are starting to use tampons in middle school, and they have been using menstrual products for 40 years of their life which is a very long time. You can use tampons and pads depending on your need and comfortability. You mostly buy brands with your mother or see them during the commercials. Since you can now see it through Instagram, Facebook, and more, you can see the use of organic tampons anywhere. From social media to podcasts, the use of moxie menstrual cup can be everywhere. However, when you are using non-organic tampons, and you switch over to organic tampons, these are the benefits that you get.

Free from chemicals

The use of non-organic tampons has chemical materials and synthetic fibers. It also has chlorine, dyes, bleach, and dioxins. The string and its covers are sometimes made of plastic. There are times that they advertise it as organic cotton, but it still has a synthetic outer layer. You have to use natural or organic tampons to avoid side effects. And because you are using organic, you don’t have to worry about side effects.

It doesn’t pollute the environment.

The tampons can stay in your body for hours, and the materials made out of them can be around the planet for hundreds of years. It can break down into particles and microplastics, invade your food chains and pollute the environment. When you like to help with the background, you can always change it to organic.

It protects the water.

There are more pesticides used on cotton compared to any other crop. The organic tampons use 100% organic cotton, and since there are no pesticides to grow in organic cotton, it helps the water stay clean and safe. It is because rainwater is the primary production of organic cotton. And because you are using organic tampons, it will be beneficial for you as it uses safe materials for you and the materials are from the environment.

It is all biodegradable.

Since it is made of natural cotton, organic tampons are biodegradable. After you are done using it, you can throw it in the bin since it is safe because there are no chemicals or plastic particles in the ocean or the ground. You don’t have to worry about anything because the materials you use are good for the environment.

Gentle in the female genitalia

The female genitalia is perfect, but it is a highly permeable membrane. Most tampon users have been using it for years, and the chemicals are out of the question. Good thing there are organic tampons where it is safe to use, and there are no side effects. You have to be careful with those tampons that say it is organic, but it still uses materials that are plastics.