Top Mood Enhancing Supplements To Boost Your Mental Wellbeing And Sexual Libido


People often put their moods, sex lives, or even their libido on hold when they are under intense physical or emotional stress. For many women, hormonal changes can profoundly affect their mood. Menopause, menstruation, and pregnancy can bring hormonal changes to women in greater severity than to men. Sometimes, this can lead to rapid mood swings. It is possible for mood disorders to also be a symptom of anxiety, depression, or bipolar depression.

If you are looking for mood enhancing supplements that may help with your libido as well as calm your mind, here are our top recommendations.

  • Hera Mood Pills 

Hera Mood Pills are specifically formulated for women experiencing moods and libido problems. It can alleviate problems like low interest, low energy, or low satisfaction in the bedroom. Hera Mood Pills help you feel balanced, energetic and happy. The ingredients in Hera Mood Pills also include herbs such as Panax Ginseng which improves the quality of orgasms and boosts immunity, TrigonellaFoenumGraceum which increases arousal and maintains blood sugar levels, Ginkgo Biloba which reduces depression, anxiety and inflammation, Tribulus Terrestris that improves orgasms and immunity,  along with L-arginine that intensifies sensations and improves blood circulation, Iron for vital functions and Zinc to correct sexual competence and improve digestion. The potent herbs in this combination help to promote health and wellness.

  • Cureveda Mood Elixir 

The Cureveda Mood Elixir contains Ashwagandha, Anantmool, and Brahmi to replenish the mind, calm nerves, and control mood swings. In addition to improving muscle and nerve strength, it also promotes a positive attitude and general well-being.

The Cureveda Mood Elixir is a 100 percent herbal decoction with no added sugar that is to be taken after lunch and dinner for 3 months.

  • X&Y Mood Boost Female Mood Elevator Capsule

The X&Y Mood Boost Female Mood Elevator Capsule is an Ayurvedic product that boosts libido and improves overall health. It is a natural serotonin stabilizer that helps you reduce stress and anxiety. Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Putrajivak are included in the formula to assist with sexual vigour and performance.

  • 4) SheNeed My Mood Booster Capsule

SheNeed My Mood Booster capsules are formulated with organic and herbal extracts that ease stress, improve mood, and prevent mood swings. Also, it supports mental wellbeing by treating mood disorders and changes brought on by PCOD and PMS. It contains over seven essential nutrients.  Each capsule has Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, L-theanine, Ginkgo biloba, Vitex agnus, St. john’s wort, Ashwagandha. Vitamin B6 not only supports a healthy body but promotes energy levels, brain function, and growth. By calming nerves and easing frustration, GABA reduces fear and anxiety caused by mood disorders. In women, the naturally occurring chaste berry is a major ingredient for improving mood during menstruation and PMS, as it helps balance stress hormones.

  • Palak Notes Anxiety Anger Mood Calm

The supplement contains vitamins, magnesium and potassium to boost mood. Through easy-to-digest capsules, it relieves stress and anxiety, allowing for calm and better functioning of the body and mind. This product contains RhodiolaRosea Root Extract, Ashwagandha, 5-HTP, SAMe, and L Tryptophan to combat anxiety and stress. Also, the capsule works for those suffering from stress-related insomnia, easing their minds and helping them sleep better.

  • Country Farms Stress Dots Mood Booster

Stress Dots Mood Booster are gummy supplements with Ashwagandha, Lavender and Ginseng that promote relaxation and help to calm anxiety. Lavender and Ginseng promote calmness, while Ashwagandha is known to relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. Ashwagandha is used by many individuals to focus and stay clear-headed.

In conclusion,

A doctor can diagnose and treat mood and libido disorders, but herbal remedies and dietary supplements can often improve these symptoms. By taking mood-enhancing supplements and making lifestyle changes, you can boost your body and mind’s energy. As a matter of fact, medical experts have increasingly searched for natural supplements to increase libido in women. In part, this is because of the fewer side effects, easy accessibility, and lower cost of natural supplements.

In India, Hera Mood Pills are a leading mood enhancing supplement.

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