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New York SEO trends to look forward to in 2019

The SEO market is known for the changes it keeps undergoing. As the year changes, trends get changed, too. With the changing trends, online companies should bring changes in their ways of SEO too. Here are some of the SEO trends to look forward to in 2019.

Mobile optimization is a must

The tech experts had already predicted this trend in the past years. The growing use of mobile has made it compulsory for the sites to do a mobile optimization. People are shifting their focus from laptops and PCs to mobile phones. They have a valid reason too for doing so. In comparison to PCs, mobile is more portable and handy. One could use it more easily. The year 2019 is the Google first mobile index year.  So, the companies who are not yet prepared for it are likely to be put on the back seat. With all the facts discussed here, we could say that this is the most important and the most popular New York SEO trend of 2019.

Quality content still matters

This is one such SEO trend that is never going to get old. The whole website game is based upon the quality of content that a person has to put upon it. Now, the meaning of quality differs with the type of content and the field for which the content is being written. First of all, one will have to know what the other parties in their field are doing. You have to create a very different and unique type of content from others. There is a very simple logic behind it. Why would people like to read you, if they could read the same thing, somewhere else also? Therefore, creating a unique kind of content should be your priority. The entire link building New York does the same.

Knowing your audience

The time when a person starts his or her blog, the first thing that is asked to do is to decide a niche for the blog. After that, the next important thing is to know which type of audience is following you and what do they exactly want to from you. This again is a conventional SEO trend which is still relevant in 2019. Knowing your audience is always beneficial. You will get sorted with a lot of things after that. You need to work towards their expectations from you. One of the simplest techniques of knowing your audience’s mind is by reading their comments in the comment section. Go there, read the comments, reply to it and further work on it. If your work is going to a good and right audience, it would help in increasing the rating of your website.

Increasing expertise on your blog

There are three essential things that very important in the SEO world. These are Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. All of them are together known as E-A-T. If you look at the latest guide of Google, then these things would be found there.

To increase the expertise of your website, you could invite guest authors. Once they come to your platform, do not forget to give them their credit. Also, trustworthiness is very important and it could be increased through good quality content. Follow any local SEO in New York to know more.

Investment in technical things

All the points that are mentioned above are related to the content, but in order to make your website more visible, you will have to work technically also. In 2019, investment in technical SEO has become a necessary thing. There are few things that one should focus upon, in order to invest in the technical SEO.


Speed is the most important thing if you look from the technical point of view. If your site is not maintaining good speed, then all your labor will go in vain. So, the first investment that you need to do is in the field of speed.


Scripts are very important in the formation of the websites and all the major websites are javascript driven. In the coming years, this will be increasing. Therefore, if someone wants to invest in technical SEO, this is probably the right place to invest in.

Progressive web applications

A standard website is the one that could live on Progressive Web applications. In the year 2019, it is important to focus on the designing of the website in such a way that it should live upon PWAs. All other websites will work on this and if you are still thinking then you may have to take a back seat in the website ranking. You could refer to any local SEO New York to know more about it.

So, this is the updated list of the SEO trends popular in 2019. If you run an online business and you were not aware of any such trend till now, it’s time to prepare yourself now. If not, be ready to get on the backseat.