Harvey Shapiro Boston States Why Studying Philosophy Can Be a Prudent Move


Philosophy makes use of the tools of reasoning and logic to analyze the ways in which people experience the world around them. Harvey Shapiro Boston mentions that education in philosophy broadly involves becoming well-acquainted with the techniques and accepted answers to diverse philosophical questions, while also becoming aware of the key figures and developments associated with the history of philosophy. Harvey Shapiro is a Clinical Professor at Northeastern University, and his areas of interest include philosophy, education, literary theory, Hebrew literature, and politics. He additionally obtained his doctorate in Jewish Education from Hebrew Union College.

Pursuing higher studies in philosophy can be a smart move for many, especially the ones who are naturally curious and tend to be fascinated by seemingly unsolvable situations of life. Harvey Shapiro Boston further highlights that many key topics linked with philosophy can be useful for further education and employment of individuals as well. Even though the nature of questions asked by philosophers might be abstract, this subject teaches people with a host of valuable skills, and especially allows individuals to hone their logical thinking capabilities.  Philosophy students know how to read closely and write clearly, while maintaining a critical viewpoint. They can also spot bad reasoning better than most people.

There are many factors that make pursuing higher studies in philosophy a great move. Here are a few of them, as marked by Harvey Shapiro Boston:

  • Philosophy teaches people how to determine and as the most fundamental questions in various stages of life. In many situations, asking the right questions is as important as the answers themselves, if not more. The correct questions may help people to realize that certain questions may not have just one right answer, while for others, the answers remain the same even if situations keep evolving.  The subject of philosophy deals with discussion of several profound questions about life which tests the limits to the knowledge of a person, and raises queries on the nature of their reality.
  • Most philosophers love to talk about almost anything and everything. While studying this subject, individuals shall not only learn the manner to think correctly, but also discusses and questions vital ideas about a host of subjects linked with human interest. The subject of philosophy is essentially limitless, and allows people to visit topics from multiple disciplines like history, arts, medicine, linguists, mathematics, region, law and politics, and so on.
  • While studying philosophy, individuals shall begin to understand the connection between how people think, and the type of thought process they used to have previously. It will allow them to witness how simple ideas end up developing into major discoveries or objects of intense research. This subject also allows people to explore the context in which many important ideas emerged and the influence they had on art, politics, science, economy, religion, and more.

On the whole, philosophy can be a pretty interesting subject to pursue for innately curious individuals.