A Guide to Hiring Road Plates for Construction Holes

Road plates are made from a range of different materials and are utilized in a variety of sectors. They are available in a variety of forms and sizes to meet your specific requirements. Almost every utility or road construction project necessitates the use of road plates to cover open excavations and allow free passage of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The purpose of road plates is to provide a temporary solution to broken road portions or ground excavations where cars or people frequently pass through. Steel road plates can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including driveway access, road crossings, crane access, excavation protection, and more.


Road plates are non-treated plates that are used as temporary road covering. They are frequently utilized to cover work areas with heavy-duty road covering. Steel road plates are simpler to install and are often larger and more robust than composite road plates. Check out steel plate hire now and know more.


Road plates are made of composite polymers and are an alternative to traditional steel road plates. Although they are often lighter than steel, they lack the same toughness and wear resistance.

Features of a Road Plate

  • Steel road plates are built to withstand the worst conditions and are intended for use on the busiest roadways. They have a number of essential design aspects, including:

  • These plates must be able to endure the force of hundreds of cars, trucks, and heavy machinery crossing over them due to their heavyweight construction. The weight of the road plate is usually determined by the size and thickness of the plate needed to cover the excavation.

  • Anti-skid coatings have been added to numerous types of road plates as a result of innovation and health and safety concerns, allowing for optimal traction for pedestrian and vehicle safety.

  • Hinged variants offer quick access to an excavation or even frequent access over it, such as at the end of each working day at a site’s driveway.

  • Steel road plates are often quick to deploy and can be simply fitted with the right equipment. The load of the vehicle passing over the plate is transferred to the plate’s edges. Check out steel plate hire and get to know our services.

Road plates are a construction industry mainstay since they can be utilized for a wide range of projects and have multiple applications. When it comes to employing steel plates, there are a few recommended practices to follow, especially when it comes to fortifying driveways during a construction project.

Why Should You Use a Road Plate?

Temporary excavations or broken places in the road or pavement are covered with road plates. During construction, they aid automobile and pedestrian traffic flow. Because they can support the weight of a 44-tonne vehicle, they are frequently utilized on normal roads and carriageways.